Buying a Business?

Specialist technical skills covered within the scope of the Kleinhardt business brokers Sales and Acquisitions team include:

  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Due Diligence
  • Market Research
  • Sales/Marketing Planning
  • Financial Analysis & Planning
  • Price and Terms Negotiation
  • Change Management
  • Synergy Maximisation
  • Financing and Capital Raising
  • Risk Management  

Whether you are ready to buy a business now or are just beginning to consider purchasing, call Kleinhardt Business Brokers for a confidential, no cost appointment.

Undertaking a business aquisition or buying a business is perhaps one of the most daunting investment prospects a person can undertake. So when you are searching for the right business, make the decision to put peace of mind and the potential to secure the best possible outcome for yourself at the forefront of the buying process.

Working with a professional firm significantly increases the probability of finding the right business for you that is for sale, and realising a successful purchase.

Kleinhardt is committed to working diligently with every client, as an advocate providing a comprehensive consultative approach to each and every business transaction, no matter the type or size of business for sale you are looking to purchase.

Everybody knows the better businesses are rarely advertised. There are many publicly visible buyers anxious to buy; and many invisible sellers willing to sell. However, because of the seller's concerns of confidentiality, many of the better businesses delay selling or just don’t make it to market.

Kleinhardt can recommend and source possible acquisition that fit within your area of expertise or which can add value to their existing company. Kleinhardt can conduct the due diligence, negotiate the terms and price and assist with the change management of the project if required.

Our business buying process.

1. Our first meeting with you helps to clarify your brief. From this first agreement all decisions flow.
2. Your level of investment is established and the method by which the purchase will be financed. This is followed by the establishment of an industry wish list and geography considerations.
3. We commence a search and draw up a list of potential opportunities. We begin to match the opportunities to your brief.
4. The assessment of possibilities commences. The suitability of  opportunities are examined and where possible a recommendation on the match.

5. After discussion  of  the options, a decision may be taken to proceed.
6. We negotiate with the vendor or agent. Your desired terms and conditions are tabled.
7. Negotiations are taken to ‘Heads of Agreement’ stage. Subject to due diligence, this stage involves your accountant and solicitor.
8. If required, introductions are made to appropriate finance sources for funding.

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